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Before Hollywood, There Was New Jersey

A century ago, Hollywood was still a dust-filled settlement encompassed by orange groves. It wasn’t the film capital of the world that we know it is today. No, a vastly different locale, by the name of Fort Lee, New Jersey, was the capital and birthplace of the motion picture industry.

Before the popularity of videography and Video Production NJ, it was already teeming with filmmakers and film production crews armed with motion picture cameras. Indeed, the Garden State has a long history of being a hotbed for film and video.

A Milestone: The Creation of Kinetoscope in New Jersey

It was speculated that Thomas Edison already had an interest in motion pictures before 1888. His resolve was certainly spurred when Eadweard Muybridge paid a visit to Edison’s laboratory in West Orange, New Jersey.

Muybridge talked about collaborating and combining Edison’s phonograph with his Zoopraxiscope. Even though Edison was fascinated, he decided against participating in such a partnership. He might have realized that Muybridge’s Zoopraxiscope wasn’t a very efficient and practical method of recording motion.

On October 17, 1888, Edison filed a patent for his idea on a device that would document and reproduce objects in motion. He coined this device as a kinetoscope.

The development started in his laboratory in June 1889. And in 1892, Thomas Edison and assistant William Dickinson successfully invented the first movie camera in the world.

The Transition from Film to Video Production

After the invention of the kinetoscope, the projector was released to the public in 1895. This was followed by the production of colored films in 1902.

The development of computers opened new doors for technology. Sony created the first portable video recorder in 1964. Videos could eventually be stored inside discs, including DVDs, CDs, and Blu-Ray rather than in bulk rolls of film.

Further technological advancements gave way to a more digital process. This has led to the rise of companies that provide video production in NJ.

The Future of Video Production in New Jersey

New Jersey could have been the present Hollywood, but unfortunately, this didn’t happen. It wasn’t long ago until the state was even considered a good hub offering significant tax breaks to attract TV and film production.

Last July, a tax incentive was passed into law giving a 30 to 35 percent tax credit on rentals and purchases incurred for digital media content and films in New Jersey.

With this incentive, Video Production NJ companies will have the support that they need. Production companies and businesses looking for video services will no longer be forced to shoot outside New Jersey.

Captivate Your Audience and Tell Your Story

Today, an audience can watch videos anywhere and everywhere. From music videos, advertisements, television commercials, and more, the increase of videos and its uses have been astounding. This is all possible due to the advancements and availability of video production resources.

Many businesses utilize videos to market their brand and attract customers. If you want to captivate your audience and tell your story, consider having your video produced by WPSR Creative.

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