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At WSPR Creative, we specialize in filming visually stunning car cinematography.

We love cars, and we love cinematography. 

Attract attention, promote your fleet of vehicles and create aesthetically pleasing content that will increase relevant leads and sales. Whether you want to promote your car hire services, double your sales as a car dealership, or launch a new aftermarket product, take advantage of our years of experience and top-of-the-line production equipment.

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Car photography and video production services
Car photography and video production services
Car photography and video production services
Car photography and video production services


Car photography is a powerful marketing strategy. By capturing the key features of the vehicle, as well as creating and promoting aspirational ideas, you can level up your marketing technique.


Professional car photography will help you to;


  • Position your business as an industry expert with high-quality content for marketing purposes

  • Build trust that you are a reputable business through professional imagery

  • Tell a story through professional car photography that triggers an emotional response

  • Communicate key marketing messages

  • Encourage more people to test drive the vehicle or submit inquiries

  • Promote sales, discounts, and exclusive offers

  • Become relatable as a brand and create highly targeted images

  • Promote the benefits of buying the vehicle through subtle suggestions


We don’t photograph what the car looks like, we capture what it feels like to be behind the wheel!


By 2022, online video will make up more than 82% of all internet traffic!


At WSPR Creative, we understand how daunting it can be for businesses to create video content. So we specialize in offering commercial video production services that can benefit both small and medium-sized businesses. So whether you are a car rental service, a dealership for an aftermarket car company, contact our team today.


Video content reigns supreme online. It has the ability to capture the attention of online users, put forward key marketing messages, increase your brand visibility online, and acts as a powerful lead generation tool.


Where many businesses fall short is when they attempt to create video content themselves. It’s always best to leave content creation to professionals - especially if it is representing your brand and business. Professional video production will help you to build trust online as well as increase your brand awareness. Buying a new car or even hiring a vehicle, will typically involve a lot of money, so you’ll need to give off an excellent first impression to potential customers in order to build trust. Through thought-provoking and unique video production, we can help your business thrive online.


Professional vehicle video production will help you to;


  • Design stunning audio and video content to promote your vehicles

  • Attract attention from your target audience online

  • Create a visual story about your brand, or aspirational content to attract customers

  • Communicate key marketing messages in seconds

  • Have high-quality branded video content for social media

  • Enjoy professionally edited and formatted videos for your website


Our team is equipped to handle car photography shoots in a studio, on a race track, or on the road. With a vast portfolio of video content and car photography, feel free to contact our team for more information. We can also help you to find the best locations and offer our expert advice in relation to your video content ideas.


At WSPR Creative, we empower our clients through high-quality car video production, with crisp, clean, and clear audio. This will help you to drive sales, boost business and ultimately promote your products and services, whether you are a B2B or B2C US company.


Video production has emerged as the best way to make your business stand out from your competitors. So, contact our creative team today to discuss your car photography and video production needs.


Call (646) 883-4329 or drop us an email

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