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A professional logo is a visual reflection of your brand and business. It should be smart, simple, and represent your brand values. Often a branded logo is the first impression a customer will have of your business, which is why it’s so important to have a logo that is clean, clear and professional, and memorable.


At WSPR Creative, we have a highly experienced graphic design team who help dozens of businesses across the country design and develop branded logos. With our creative touch and digital marketing background, we can help you design a branded logo that truly reflects your values and attracts your target market.

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A logo design shouldn’t be complicated. It must attract attention and trigger a connection between your brand, business values, and target audience. Through subtle color schemes and smart design, our creative graphic design team will help you to convey key marketing messages through a branded logo.


Since a professional logo will form a big part of your brand identity and will likely be visible on your website, email campaigns, social media profiles, products and services, and possibly on business cards too, it needs to be more than just attractive. By combining marketing techniques with psychology, our design team uses color, shapes, patterns, and imagery to design a smart and modern logo that carries a deeper meaning.


Each and every logo must be completely bespoke and unique. Our team is always on hand to help guide you in relation to graphic design, color schemes, and marketing messages, so feel free to ask for our advice. Here are just a handful of things you might want to consider for your own branded logo design;

  • The name of your business

  • An abbreviation of your business name

  • Your core values

  • A tag line

  • A mission statement

  • Your vision for the future

  • Abstract marks that convey brand values such as ticks or crosses

  • Brand colors and fonts

  • Emblems that use classic and traditional features such as a coat of arms

  • Mascot character that takes on the personality of your brand

  • Pictorial marks which are striking and simple imagery that sums up the brand such as the Apple icon


At WSPR, our highly experienced graphic design team will first spend some time getting to know your business, core values, and discuss with you, your initial ideas for your branded logo. Our consultation will delve into your business goals, target audience, and current competition. After an in-depth discussion, our graphic design team can then begin designing your very own unique professional branded logo.

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Logo design is a key element in your branding strategy. It is often the first thing a customer associates with when thinking of your company. In fact, it takes around 10 seconds to recognize a business through its logo, which makes it a powerful marketing tool. A brand must leverage the influence of professional logo design, to leave a subconscious impact on a customer’s mind.

A branded logo will help your business to;


  • Grab attention and communicate core values

  • Make a strong and memorable first impression

  • Use colors, tones, shapes, and images to tell a story

  • Evoke an emotional response from your target audience

  • Separate your business from your competitors

  • Generates brand loyalty

  • Increase your visibility online


We help small, medium, and large scale businesses across the country design and develop smart, unique branded logos. So, feel free to contact WSPR Creative today, and take those first initial steps on your branding strategy journey with a professional logo design.

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