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Chumami Chili Oil is a secret family recipe passed down for three generations.  They approached WSPR Creative looking to introduce the world to their formula they had been crafting and perfecting over the last 30 years. 


Chumami was looking for help with all things relating to their brand. This included logo design, package design, e-commence website design, and professional visuals such as photography and videography.

Services offered

Branding, web design, photography, commercials


Considering Chumami Chili Oils versatility we chose to guide their brand so that we may position them in in the market as a condiment, something more than just chili oil, but a necessity to any meal. 


Through strategy and research we discovered how the new brand should communicate the quality and versatility it represents, all while maintaining the integrity of the family recipe. 


To kick off the launch of Chumami they needed creative visuals to help tell their story and showcase the quality of their product. WPSR Creative captured their story and product in a brand story video. As well as staging professional photoshoots with delicious dishes all made better with Chumami's.


WSPR Creative wanted to create a simple, easy to use website to help get the customer more of what they wanted, Chumami Chili Oil. Showcasing their story and delicious recipes the website is designed to boost sales and engagement with the new brand. 

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