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Discover Snakes is one of the largest snake accounts on Instagram. When they had interest to expand and introduce an e-commerce experience to their audience they hired WSPR Creative as their partner.

Discover Snakes wanted an iconic brand to be loved by reptile owners & reptiles alike. With a large community they wanted to be positioned as a trusted authority in the reptile market. 

Services offered

Branding, logo design,

web design

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 9.48.15 PM.jpe

The reptile industry has fallen behind with technology and user experience. So WSPR was sure to keep the new e-commerce simple and efficient. With top e-commerce strategy WSPR built a site maximized for conversion and profit. 


Along with branding strategy WSPR Creative helped position Discover Snakes at the top of the market for reptile fans. The iconic look has become a symbol known throughout reptile fans. 

Snake Discovery.png
website mockup.jpg

To kick off the launch of Discover Snakes they needed creative visuals to help tell their story and showcase the quality of their product. WPSR Creative captured their story and product in a brand story video. As well as staging professional photoshoots with delicious dishes all made better with Chumami's.

DS desktop.png
discoversnakes iphonex.png
discover snake ig.jpg

Discover Snakes approached WSPR to the goal to become more than an instagram and evolve into a brand snake fans can identify with and represent. We help designed a series of merch collections to help them do exactly that.

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