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Harbell Gaming is a technology company specializing in gaming computers and e-sports. Harbell reached out to us to assist with their branding. The goal being to position themselves between Apple and Razer. 

Services offered

Branding, web design, photography, logo design


In the gaming world you are faced with so many options. Pick your case, processor, ram, hard drive, graphics card, fans, on and on. Too many options when all someone might want is a machine guaranteed to handle high level game play.

Harbell became the go to simple solution with only two options. Guaranteed to look beautiful and give you the high powered performance you need. With the branding we made sure to reflect the simplicity and focus on quality game play. 

harbell logo.png

To kick off the launch of Chumami they needed creative visuals to help tell their story and showcase the quality of their product. WPSR Creative captured their story and product in a brand story video. As well as staging professional photoshoots with delicious dishes all made better with Chumami's.

Harbell Website.png

To showcase the stunning simplicity and design of the gaming systems we had to get creative. A machine that looks pretty in daylight, and even prettier at night. Meet Rhine & Oynx. 

Production Still-10.jpg
Production Still-5.jpg
Production Still-27.jpg
Production Stiltl.jpg
Production Still.jpg
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