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Kickerfeast is a small New Jersey start-up focusing on all natural colorful pancakes.  They approached WSPR Creative looking to introduce the world to their colorful creations that looked great, and tasted even better. 


Kickerfeast was looking for appetizing brand that would attract families and their kids. We provided logo design, package design, e-commence website design, and professional visuals such as photography and videography.

Services offered

Branding, web design, photography, commercials


Kickerfeast was bringing something new to the Pancake & Waffle world. Naturally colorful flavored pancakes. With their four flavors: Blueberry, Beet, Pumpkin and Carrot. We saw an opportunity to focus on the unique colors and flavors and target them to families with children.

Through strategy and research we created a brand that gives a healthy alternative to breakfast pancakes for those picky eaters who don't want to eat their fruit and veggies. 

Kickerfeast Logo-01.png
Kickerfeast Logo Process.png

With the unique color of the pancakes we wanted the package to have a window that features the colorful mix. We decided against the traditional box used for pancake mixes and designed poly pouches that highlight the natural flavor and color. Each varietal follows the same theme.

Kickerfeast Label Mockup.png
Kickerfeast Mockup.jpg

To populate Kickerfeast's website and social media we've had multiple photo and video shoots generating mouth watering content to drive traffic and boost sales. 

Blueberry Counter.jpg
Production Still-2.jpg
Production Still-15.jpg
Production Still-8.jpg
Production Still-25.jpg

WSPR Creative designed a simple, easy to use ecommerce for Kickerfeast. We we're sure to highlight Kickerfeast's story, and delicious recipes. The website is optimized to boost sales and engagement with customers. 

Kickerfeast Website.png
Kickerfeast Mobile.png
Kickerfeast Laptop.png
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