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Marketing your small business can be a challenge, but adding professionally produced videos to your marketing strategy is a smart choice. 


At WSPR Creative, we're proud to offer high-quality, full-service corporate video production services for small businesses across New Jersey. With our video production services, it's easier to reach your target audience. Read on to find out how our video marketing can help you and which types of video production services we offer.

Benefits of Video Production Services for Small Businesses

Marketing through high-quality video productions is our specialty. We have a team of experienced videographers, marketing specialists and others who are ready to create a video that pulls in your target audience. We expand your reach in a way that an email, postcard, radio ad or printed ad cannot. 


Our team of industry professionals includes members who are at the top of their particular niche. You benefit from our expertise at telling a story that enlivens your brand, builds trust and sets you apart. We show people what you do and make them want to learn more about your products, services or business.


When you need videos for your small business, you can count on our experienced, dependable team. We do it all from setting up the lighting to post-production services. We also handle all of the video editing, credits and more. The types of video production services we offer include branded content advertisements, direct response, product demonstrations, and live events.


Our 3D animations are a popular option for small businesses. These videos resonate with all audiences and age groups. If your target audience is everyone, this is a wise choice.


Another type of corporate video we make is branded advertising. When you want your company, brand, product or service to be a household name, we help you meet that goal. Our branded ads can be shown on social media, search engines, YouTube and other venues.


Commercial advertising is another great option. Perhaps you would like to air a commercial during local programming on television. We create ads that inspire your target audience to take the desired action, such as visiting your website, attending your event in New Jersey or calling you for additional details.


You may also be interested in our virtual video tours. This is a great way to highlight your location. Restaurant owners, event space managers and amusement facility owners often choose this type of video.


An explainer video is another option. If you're new to the area or launching a new product or service, we'll create a video that explains what it is, how it works and why people could benefit from it.


Viral videos and live event videos are also popular. If your small business is hosting a charity event, we'll cover it and create a video for marketing your business. Our viral videos capture the interest and attention of New Jersey.


In addition to recording and editing video productions for your small business in New Jersey, we can also handle creative development. If you want a video, but you're not sure what you want in it or how it will work, tell us your goal. 


Our marketing professionals then get to work with the creative side. Our technical team handles all of the lighting, sound, animations, graphics and more. Once the video is set, we take care of the post-production services. 


We communicate with you every step of the way. You always have opportunities for input, and we make sure that you're satisfied before we move forward.

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