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3 Powerful Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Video Marketing

More and more companies now are taking advantage of videos to deliver their message. In a survey released by Wyzowl, it was revealed that more than 60 percent of companies are using videos in their content marketing efforts.

They also commissioned the services of video content experts like a Video Production Company NJ to help in their video marketing campaigns.

Videos are rapidly progressing, and they are expected to reach greater heights faster than people predict. This growing trend is bolstered by more than 80%, believing that good ROI will result from video marketing efforts. Undoubtedly, video marketing can be considered as one of the most useful promotion tools.

For those who still have doubts whether it’s wise to seek the professional help of aVideo Production Company in NJ and to invest in video marketing, here are three significant reasons why your business should switch to video marketing at the earliest.

Video Can Easily Boost Sales and Conversion

First and foremost, videos can help you make a serious amount of money. By simply adding a video along with your product description on your business’ landing page can improve your conversion by more than 80%. If you work with a skilled team of experts who can make sure that your video will work seamlessly regardless of the target audience, Bingo! You hit the bull’s eye.

Studies reveal that more than 70% of the audience that watch product explainer videos are more likely to buy the product. This only proves the power of videos to drive sales.

If you think about it seriously, the videos’ effectiveness is not at all surprising. Vision is people’s most dominant sense, and the majority of brain transmitted information is visual. This means that while pictures alone can easily boost engagement, you can imagine how impactful moving pictures will be.

Videos Will Give You ROI

To make it more exciting, more than 80% of businesses agree that videos lead to higher ROI. While video production may be difficult and may require a huge chunk of the operational expenses, it will pay off by leaps and bounds. Besides, technology is continuously improving. With video editing apps and tools constantly being improved, video editing services are getting cost-effective.

On top of that, videos don’t have to be perfect. More effort should be spent crafting excellent content because, at the end of the day, it all boils down to the message. Research reveals that the audience is put off by videos with lousy content, regardless of its production quality. Simply put, videos are like pizza, even if they’re bad, they’re still pretty good!

Videos Build Trust

The motivating factor behind sales and conversion is trust. Then again, building trust should be a task that’s done separately. Content marketing’s whole concept revolves around creating trust and forging long-lasting relationships. Instead of selling, give people useful and exciting information. This era of learners is focused on ignition and trust, and not just on traffic and content.

Final Words

To help you with your video production needs, talk to the skilled and seasoned professionals at WSPR Creative. Their team is not only composed of creative individuals, but people who genuinely care about you, your business, and the quality of output they deliver.

You’ll need a reliable partner in taking your content marketing strategies to the next level, and this partner is none other than WSPR Creative.

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