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Building a Brand Through Video Production

Every day, 5 billion videos are being watched on YouTube, while at Facebook, 100 million hours of clips are being accessed by users daily. That’s how much video has consumed people’s waking hours. And AI’s algorithms are making sure that the videos showing on your feed will almost always prompt you to click. 

You don’t notice it much because it’s like second nature, but that’s how pervasive video marketing is. For companies, it’s almost criminal not to take advantage of this reach to build or boost your brand.

For example, video marketing is so effective that people are 1,000 times more likely to share video content compared to an image or a text.

What makes companies and organization hesitate in fully diving into video marketing is the perceived cost and how daunting of a task it is. 

Indeed, building a brand through video production in NJ isn’t easy. There are a lot of elements involved to make sure the campaign is successful. Despite misconceptions, a viral video doesn’t happen by accident, after all. 

Here are the major elements for video marketing to build your brand:

  1. Recognizable and relatable characters. This is the reason why companies get the services of celebrities. They are already familiar and are more likely to be trusted by the audience. It’s challenging to find an ordinary guy with the charisma that resonates with people. But it can be done, case in point, the Old Spice guy. Few people would know that his name is Isaiah Amir Mustafa.

  2. Telling a story. Since the dawn of civilization, when early human beings are huddled around a fire while telling stories, myths, and legends resonate with everybody. This is the challenging part for most companies–how to bring the essence of their organization and turn it into a story that people can relate.

  3. Consistency. How do you bring down a mountain? Well, you start hammering at it now. One of the common mistakes committed by companies when building a brand is a lack of consistency. 

At the outset, you need to own up the logo design, the logo font, the company colors, and the corporate themes. These should show up not just in video marketing campaigns but also your other digital ad campaigns, as well. When you consistently feed the audience with your message through consistent visualization,  it’s going to be pretty much subconscious at one point.

Contacting a video production NJ such as WSPR Creative will elevate their video marketing campaign to reach out to their target audience, generate leads, boost conversion rates, and improve on the bottom line.

Most companies, particularly small and medium businesses in New Jersey, don’t have an in-house video production team that can help share their message or get the word out there for each new product or service. 

The beauty of technology is that it allows people to produce high-quality videos on their smartphones. But don’t make the mistake of equating video production with video marketing. This could easily backfire, and your output will fail when it goes viral for all the wrong reasons.

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