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The Best Places To Shoot In New Jersey

New Jersey was once considered as the film capital of the world after Edison’s kinetoscope gained popularity. It was a favorable environment for cinematic pursuers. Motion picture companies, including that of Edison’s, even found the landscape of New Jersey as the perfect background for their short silent films.

The popularity of the Garden State’s diverse landscape hasn’t changed much over the years. A Video Production Company NJ and even companies in Hollywood use the rolling hills, waterfalls, farms, and forests of New Jersey for their videos.

While this is among the smaller states, New Jersey offers so many locations that are suitable for a variety of sets.

Popular Hollywood Movies Shot In New Jersey

The world’s first film studio which would later become the Thomas Edison National Historical Park was built in West Orange, New Jersey. With a rich cinematic history, it doesn’t come as a surprise that several Hollywood films are also shot in this northeastern state.

It’s a popular backdrop to some of Hollywood’s greatest hits including:

  1. War of the Worlds – One of the scenes for this 2005 sci-fi action film by Steven Spielberg was shot in a residential street in Howell.

  2. Ocean’s Eleven – Most might think that the whole movie was entirely filmed in Las Vegas. But this crime and thriller film was partially shot in Rahway and Atlantic City.

  3. The Dark Knight Rises – The set for the Dark Knight Rises spent over a week shooting at the Military Park Station located on the Newark Light Rail.

  4. Friday the 13th – The set of 1980 horror film took place entirely in New Jersey. They shot scenes at No-Be-Bo-Sco and Blairstown Diner.

  5. The School of Rock – Franklin Lakes, Rahway, and Edison are the locations where this comedic movie was filmed.

Where To Shoot Videos In New Jersey

There are many beautiful places and sceneries in New Jersey where you can film your videos. It is best to work with a video production company in NJ to know the best local spots to use as a backdrop.

  1. The Palisades – Also known as the Hudson River Palisades or New Jersey Palisades, this location offers cliffs that run for about 20 miles and tower as high as 540 feet.

  2. Millbrook Village – Millbrook Village is located in the area of Delaware Water Gap. This is a re-created village that has beautiful scenery and tons of buildings.

  3. Delaware Water Gap – This 70,000-acre park lies in parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It’s a good site offering beautiful views of the mountains and waterfalls.

  4. Buttermilk Falls – The 200-foot waterfall found in the area of Delaware Water Gap delivers an excellent view of nature. There is also the Buttermilk Falls Trail, which is best for hiking shots.

  5. High Point State Park – The High Point State Park is the perfect setting that provides a great view of Pennsylvania and New York.

The Perfect Video

New Jersey offers plenty of locations that give businesses the perfect shooting backdrop. There are cliffs, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and even neighborhoods you can use for that perfect background shot.

Of course, the best background won’t be given any justice by just any production company. It is crucial to work with the best local video production company such as WSPR Creative. They will provide you with an insight into the local hidden locations and gems for your perfect video.

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