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The Bagelry wanted to tap into the New Jersey Bagel market. They wanted to stand out from the mom and pop bagel shops and establish an environment, and culture similar to Starbucks. With their new shop they brought WSPR on as their partner to build their brand. 

Services offered

Branding, logo design,

strategy, photography


Considering The Bagelry’s mission we knew this brand was going to be more than just Bagels. To position them against the competition they had to stand out and offer an environment to support innovation and creativity. 


WSPR Creative introduced the world to Bagel Man. The figure became a topic of controversy amongst bagel fans. Dividing them into two camps, those who like the Bagel Man, and those who don’t. Which camp do you fall in?

"We helped The Bagelry tell their story through a bold new identity and welcoming environment."

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