Branding is much more than just a logo. It’s every interaction a customer will have with you. Products, websites, emails, commercials, social media, trade shows, marketing. Not only does it have to look pretty. But it has to be a cohesive system that spreads your message and drives results.

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Logo, website, product design

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Logo, website, package design

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Video production, app design, photography

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Logo design, package design, strategy

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Logo design, package design


The top brands earn the highest profits. If your company doesn't have a brand identity yet, you need to get one. Branding companies provide essential marketing services that help get your products or services noticed by consumers. 


At WSPR Creative, we work with you in order to set up a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes an appealing visual identity, brand image and web design. Read on for more information about what branding is, why it's important and how our award-winning marketing services can help you get noticed and build trust with your target audience.

Why Is Brand Development Important?


Branding serves as a sum of your products and services. It also functions as inspiration for people to choose you over your competitors. It pays big dividends over the long-term. The stronger your brand is, the more connected your customers feel to your products, services and company as a whole.


What Is a Branding Strategy?


A branding strategy is your plan for creating a successful brand. It includes every part of your business. A precisely defined and properly executed brand results in achieving your specific sales goals and meeting the needs of your customers.


There are six key factors in brand identity: 

1. Target Audience

This is the group of consumers who will buy your product or hire your services. 


2. Promise

This informs your audience of what to expect from you. 


3. Perception

What your audience thinks of your brand. 


4. Value

Your customers’ relationship to your company. 


5. Voice

AKA, the personality of your brand. It can be formal or casual, sophisticated or quirky, or something in between. It’s the thing that really makes your business stand out.


6. Positioning

The place your brand occupies in the mind of the consumer.


Brand loyalty is built by consistently meeting the customer's needs and exceeding their expectations while you do so. It also involves maintaining a solid reputation through personalized customer service.


Branding Services Offered by WSPR Creative


Our brand consultancy provides a full range of branding services. For more than eight years, we've provided clients with visual identities that resonate with their target audience, with specialties in creative video production and branding. 


Our branding services include the development of your logo design, slogan, website design, social media engagement and emails. We're also prepared to handle your trade show marketing, customer service processes and commercials. If you're looking to establish a YouTube channel for your brand, we'll help with that too.


Our full-service branding agency handles research and analysis, photography and social media. We also offer design services for your brand identity website, app and packaging. 


Creative video services are another critical branding service we offer. We do it all, from video production to editing and graphics. We will then market the video on social media, YouTube and search engines. You can count on us to create explainer, training, internal, commercial, product, documentary, testimonial, animation and event videos.


About Our Branding Development Strategies


Our marketing and branding strategy begins with helping you know your target audience. We research and analyze the market and target audience for your brand. 


The next part of our strategy is getting to know and understand your target audience, such as whether or not they have unfulfilled needs. Maybe there's something that frustrates them about the product or service they use now. You can address those needs through your branding. 


We also help you identify and provide the product or service your target audience wants. By fulfilling their wants and needs, you build trust, loyalty and satisfaction with your market. 


Finally, we evaluate your brand positioning strategy and make adjustments when they're needed. We offer this as an ongoing service, providing you with a cohesive branding strategy that seamlessly integrates with your other marketing services.